Dancing the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

I wish that I didn’t have to be an ancient, reincarnated, bristle cone, grandfather, guru. I get tired of already knowing everyone and everything. Sometimes I can forget and everything is new and unknown, it’s a different kind of magick when all things are new and unknown. This time I was fortunate enough to cover my memories and remembrances with a thick, heavy blanket of snow, helping to chill the past cycles.

The problem with the forgetting devices that I lay ahead of time is that I remember. This is such a tactile dimension! So many senses to engage with remembrance. Sometimes to forget for a while I wrap myself up in heavy blankets, curl up into a ball and stare off into space or just fall asleep, slipping into a dark, barren and cold winter.

I am from the winter, and my blood line has an interesting mixture of northern and southern tribes, the truly magickal opposites. An alchemy of north and south, fire and ice. Most people think that it’s east and west. Thats just a lateral distraction, deceitful diversions crafted by our “keepers.”

They are our keepers because we let them. We allow it on so many levels. I keep coming back to make sure they don’t get too far out of line.

Where are my robes? Where is my hearth? What are we doing this for? Everything has gotten so detached and disjointed. It is almost not worth returning to anymore. I will keep my word though. We have a long way to go yet.

Too bad we will have to go through so much pain and suffering before its all done. I always wonder why we have to be so thick headed, why does it take so much repetition and circles before we get the idea.

When will all the dreams and symbols become clear, as we gaze proudly and even arrogantly at the past cultures and civilizations, many of which are still living and crying out to us to wake up and see? A dead, sleeping people see everything as dead, lifeless artifacts. Do you remember when we danced around the fire for days? Running through the forest screaming and yelling the songs of our land, dancing with the elk?

We used to swim out beyond the reef together, diving deeper and deeper to see who could hold their breath the longest and to see who could translate into the deeper realms first, anxious to visit with our ancestors and all our brothers and sisters from the inner realms.

It is kind of lonely to have to wait so long and to have to keep repeating ourselves. You ask for teachings and knowledge, we tell you straight out, giving you what you need, but you don’t understand it.

I am going to go wrap myself in a blanket for a while and dream the sun to rise. Maybe we will cross paths again tomorrow.


One thought on “Dancing the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

  1. Trees are a wondrous thing.
    They transcend this world.
    They bask in the divine sunlight
    while drinking the water of the underworld.

    Reaching closer and closer to the stars,
    with each new generation.
    But it is a long journey to the stars

    And this tree is plagued with many selfish leaves.
    They argue and fight for sunlight.
    They forget the tree below their stem.
    The leaves they seem to forget themselves.

    They argue, they fight, they forget
    and then they die.

    How quick a journey to the stars could be.

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